In Edinburgh, there's a sort of posh part.


Hi guys,

I'm watching 100% Hotter. Jordan says he's got mixed reactions from other people. He says "In Edinburgh, there's a sort of posh part. I like going out in the posh part.
You get some people, like, "Oh, why are you wearing that?" But I like going out like this, 'cause then you can sort of feel like, "Who cares?".

I'd like to know what a "posh part" is. Is it a part of the town where posh people hang out?

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    The posh part of the city is where the posher people live, and the property prices are generally higher. If there are shops, they will be more high-end shops rather than discount shops like Poundstretcher.

    In Edinburgh, we might be thinking about Bruntsfield or Morningside with its leafy neighbourhoods.

    Uncle Jack

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    It is more to do with wealth than whether the people are posh (usually something of a pejorative term when used for people). The posh part of town is the smart, wealthy area.
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