In Europe, tensions temper pride over refugee policy


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Can anyone help me with the meaning of this news title?

"In Europe, tensions temper pride over refugee policy"

I understand the meaning of each word but together they don't make sense...

Thanks a lot.
  • Ruukr

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    It's something like:
    ..., the dignity of tensions mood in opposite of refugee policy.
    (it sounds like this to me).

    let say - "humans versus aliens policy " :D


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    No, it doesn't make much sense to me either.

    Here, 'temper' means to modify or reduce, but how 'tensions' can modify 'pride' I don't know.

    More context would help. Is this about Germany, for example? If (some) German politicians are proud of Angela Merkel's refugee policy, then the sentence could mean:

    The tensions (caused by trouble with the refugees or some people's opposition to the refugees) reduce the pride other people felt in the (generous) refugee policy.

    Remember: this is a headline. It has a 'telegraphic' tone, where the minimum words possible are used to convey the meaning. But sometimes it makes the headline too obscure to understand.


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    Thanks for the help, Ruukr.

    Thanks for the example, Chez...^^ It's about Sweden. I think your example of Germany can be applied to Sweden, too.
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