In fact, I think this is the busiest I've ever seen it!

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Hello, when I was doing my homework, I faced a sentence where I cannot find a noun/subject, which is 'the busiest'.

All I have to do is to use the right form of an adjective, in this sentence: There are a lot of people in the gallery. (Clear)
In fact, I think this is the busiest I've ever seen.

So, the problem is: what is the busiest? Maybe a moment? In the translation there's a noun ' a place' used, like a talker says: I've been to a lot of places, but this gallery is the busiest one.

But there's no a word 'place' in the original, so I don't know what the adjective's referred to.

Actually, there's 'it' at the end. Now, it's like a talker says: I saw this gallery many times, but for this time it's the busiest, as it has never been before.

I would get such a sentence like: This is the busiest place in the town. What is the busiest? This place.

But not in the original sentence, so I need some help here. Would you explain? Thank you so much!
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    What is the actual sentence?
    I ask about this sentence:
    In fact, I think this is the busiest I've ever seen it!

    And I'm confused because there's no subject after 'the busiest'. What is the busiest thing in that sentence?


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    Maybe 'it' is the place, but I don't think 'it' needs to be anything. Weather verbs don't have any real subject, just an impersonal 'it'. This looks very similar:

    It's hot today.
    It's hotter today than yesterday.
    It's the hottest it's ever been.
    It's busy here.
    It's busier here than yesterday.
    It's the busiest I've ever seen it.


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    I think this is the busiest I've ever seen the gallery (it).
    This is the busiest that I have ever seen the gallery.
    The busiest (most activity) that I have ever seen the gallery is this (amount of activity).
    This is the largest amount of activity that I have ever seen in the gallery.
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