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Hello everybody,

I was taught that the word "fall" was often used in American English to designate autumn.
My question is how articles are used with this word. I have the impression that the definite article is used in most cases.

(1) He is getting married in the fall (meaning: "this fall").
(2) These beetles migrate to natural ecosystems in the fall (meaning: "every fall").

Are these sentences correct?
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    Both those are correct. Here's an alternative: In fall, the leaves turn color. (You could use "In the fall" there, as well.)

    I think you would use the article just as you would with any other season: spring, summer, autumn, winter.


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    I would add (even if it is eight years later), that it's much more common to omit the article in the UK. We do sometimes omit it in the US as well, but it tends to sound a bit more poetic to our ears.
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