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    Mexico, Spanish
    Field and topic:
    I need the translation of a few composite words used in the Flooring industry.

    Sample sentence:
    Tile Mastic
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    1. The mastic tree.
    2. The aromatic resin of the mastic tree, used especially in varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, and condiments and as an astringent.
    3. A pastelike cement used in highway construction, especially one made with powdered lime or brick and tar.


    2. A yellowish to greenish-brown oily liquid containing phenols and creosols, obtained from coal tar and used as a wood preservative and disinfectant. It can cause severe neurological disturbances if inhaled in strong concentrations.

    búsqueda para "tile mastic" at Google
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    Canada, English

    creosote = creosota
    to creosote = creosotar
    creosoted = creosotado
    creosoting = creosotación

    tile mastic = cemento o mastique de baldosas o azulejos (para adherir)
    asphalt mastic = cemento asfáltico


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