In formal writing, 10 days or ten days?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by tanaka1986, May 6, 2009.

  1. tanaka1986 Member

    Hi all!
    In formal writing, which of the followings do we write?
    10 days OR
    ten days?

    Do we spell out the number or simply write it in numerals?
    Or would there be a rule like we should spell out any numbers bigger than "10"? And write any numbers less than "10" using numerals?

  2. ceznaldo Senior Member

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    Yes if a number is ten or below you should spell it out.

    Apart from that there isnt any particular rules, for formal writing I would just guess what looks right, it comes down to how much effort you are seen to be making, I guess. But then again writing one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine thousand six hundred and twenty two just looks messy. So it is a balancing act between those two, but as I say there are no hard and fast rules other than the first one of spelling under ten
  3. tanaka1986 Member

    Thanks for your quick reply!

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