in forza del mandato conferitogli

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  1. akhal Senior Member

    Hello all!
    This time I would like to receive your ideas on this sentence:

    Il Dott. XXX, in forza del mandato conferitogli, si pone come garante in fase di trattativa per l'acquisizione delle concessioni ottenute .....

    My try:

    Mr. XXX, under the mandate granted, assumes the position of guarantor during the negotiations for the acquisition of the released concessions...


    Mr XXX, having been duly empowered, will answer for the acquisition of the released concessions upon negotiation...

    This is included in a commercial document concerning building of a project.

    I hope it is clear enough. The actual sentence is 11 lines long, and the verb is 8 lines below the subject!!!!

    A typical example of Italian legal language....:D
    P.S.: I already searched WR dictionary, but could not really find the right words!
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  2. FlailnotStruggle Senior Member

    Entitled of his warrant he acts as surety in transaction to secure the obtained deeds.

  3. akhal Senior Member

    Ti ringrazio della tua proposta, concisa e scorrevole.
    Ma.... penso che "mandato" qui significhi "incarico", mentre "warrant" è più un "ordine", un documento.
    Magari potrebbe diventare:
    Entitled by his mandate, Mr XXX will stand as surety in the transactions to secure the obtained deeds.

    Aspettiamo qualche madrelingua...

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