In general, I don't think people in America feel safe


I'm trying to see if my use of sienta is right

english:In general, I don't think people in America feel safe because of the imminent threat of gun violence.

Spanish:En general, no creo que la gente en Estados Unidos sienta que está a salvo debido a la amenaza inminente de la violencia armada.
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    That's fine. I would use the pronominal se sienta a salvo/se sienta segura but I guess that's just a matter of personal preferences.


    American English
    "A salvo" strikes me as more immediate. Like, you were in a dangerous situation and now you're out of it.

    Say you were swimming and you spotted a shark, but you made it back to the shore in one piece. You're safe. You made it. Estás a salvo.

    In this context, given that the "imminent threat of gun violence" has been a reality since colonization, "se siente segura" seems like a better choice.