in grade 2 or second-grader?


What sounds better? more natural?
I am a second-grader.
I am a student of grade 2.

The sentences are about school years (primary school in my country)
  • Myridon

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    American English (I'm pretty sure British English uses neither second grade nor grade 2):
    The first one is okay. The second one is wrong.
    I am a student of history. I study history.
    I am a student of grade 2. I study grade 2. :eek:

    Professional educators sometimes call it "grade 2", but we usually call it second grade.


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    I agree with #2 and #3. In AE (in the US):

    I am in second grade.:tick::tick:
    I am a second-grader.:tick:
    I am a student of grade 2.:cross:
    I am a student in grade 2.:tick:
    I am in grade two.:tick:
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