in grembo al drudo


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Any help with this, please? It comes from an aria and the full line is:-
"Scherza, infida, in grembo al drudo"

Grazie mille
  • Juri

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    In the lap of lover.
    Drudo comes from German, but is old fashioned.,
    and has today a bad connotation(libertine).

    L'amoroso drudo della fede cristiana(Dante)


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    Thanks for such a quick reply! I thought "lover" was "amante". Does "drudo" mean the same, please?

    Thank you, Juri, for your helpful explanation - the idea of "libertine" would exactly fit the context.


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    The aria comes from Ariodante by Handel. It is the result of him seeing a lady he believes is his betrothed leaving another man's room. According to the Dizionario Garzanti 'drudo' is an archaic term for 'amante' - lover.