in her Mother's Day bouquet


My mother's favorite flowers are purple and gold irises, so I always make sure to include those in her Mother's Day bouquet.

Why is there "her" before Mother's Day in the above? Should it be deleted? Does it sound good to you? Thanks.
  • Crispy_KrisP

    United States, English
    Her Mother's Day bouquet sounds more natural than the or a, because it is a bouquet that is intended for her and not a bouquet whose recipient is not known.


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    Are you thinking that this is talking about "mother's Day bouquet", in other words, the "Day bouquet" belonging to mother?

    A Mother's Day bouquet is a bunch of flowers given to a mother on Mother's Day, so her Mother's Day bouquet, as Crispy_KrisP has pointed out, is the Mother's Day bouquet belonging to her (her being "my mother", in the text you gave us.)


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    It's no different than saying:

    "She had white lilies in her bridal bouquet"

    "Mother's day" is simply describing the bouquet (as does "bridal" in my example) and you say "her" because it is hers.
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