in his 70s and in her 80s


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Hi, everyone!
I read an article recently, but I don't understand this:

The cabinet’s decision to approve the emergency funds comes after the death of a woman in her 80s in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture and the announcement of several more cases that do not appear to be directly linked to the cruise ship or individuals who had recently traveled to China.

Friday morning, authorities said they had confirmed a new case: a man in his 70s in Wakayama Prefecture who had visited a hospital where a doctor who was also infected had worked. A colleague of the doctor and another patient had also come down with symptoms of pneumonia and were being monitored, officials said.

What's the exact meaning of 'in her 80s' and 'in his 70s'? it just means 'a more than 70-year-old woman' and 'a more than 80-year-old man'?

Thanks in advance! :)

Source:Coronavirus Live Updates: China Says 1,700 Medical Workers Have Been Infected
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    A man in his 70s is aged 70 or 71 or 72 or 73 or 74 or 75 or 76 or 77 or 78 or 79.
    A woman in her 80s is aged 80 or 81 or 82 or 83 or 84 or 85 or 86 or 87 or 88 or 89.



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    Thanks, Loob! :) :thumbsup:
    so it just used when you don't want to say his or her specific age for some reasons?
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