in his choice of ancestors

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It's the movie "The lost city of Z".
Some major kills a deer which will be offered to some archduke.
So, it's a big deal.
At the gala, secretary of state says that this major should be invited for super since he killed the deer.
But one of his advisers says to him,
"Well, may I say, he's been rather unfortunate
in his choice of ancestors."

I am not sure about this.
Is he saying simply that the lineage of this major is not so good so they should not invite him?
But why the word "choice" here? Or just diplomatic way of expressing?

Thank you
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    Hi chopin7. Yes, it means his background (lineage) is not good. Maybe his forebears were criminals, thieves, murderers, traitors, poachers, etc. "Choice" is sarcastic and humorous here, because of course no-one "chooses" their ancestors. It implies that he is to blame for the misdeeds, lack of social status etc., of those who preceded him.
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