1. asperge-platane Senior Member

    français France
    je tombe sur une expression que je ne comprends pas
    Ultimately, though, the US is in hock to the rest of the world.
    Je ne peux suggérer de traduction, car le sens m'échappe vraiment.
  2. cropje_jnr

    cropje_jnr Senior Member

    Canberra, Australia
    English - Australia
    In hock to = in debt to / indebted to
  3. asperge-platane Senior Member

    français France
    merci beaucoup
  4. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    être redevable
    to be in hock to someone: devoir une fière chandelle à quelqu'un
  5. asperge-platane Senior Member

    français France
    ah c'est plus imagé et plus joli, assurément
  6. staticmouse Senior Member

    English - British
    I think in hock literally means to "pawned"
  7. elmingo Senior Member

    France, French
    Suggestion pour les prochains, je pense que dans certains contextes on peut utiliser l'expression "à la botte de"...
  8. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    I've never heard it used that way and given the literal meaning of "pawned"* (staticmouse #6) it is usually financial.

    *Hockshop = pawnbroker.

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