In leaps and bounds


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OK, here another one for you smart guys

Context: Some Italian guy living in the UK has been an Arsenal fan for years.

Quotation: “His dormant interest had been reawakened by the latterday influx of “my people” as he called them into the club. The suits, he said, had come on in leaps and bounds”.

My questions: 1) “my people” are Italian football-players playing in the club?; 2) suits = goals?; 3) leaps and bounds = a valanga?

Grateful in advance for your help,

  • "my people" could well be Italian players here. Generally, my employees or team or friends; unless you are at Eton, when it means "my parents."

    "suits" means people who wear suits; so salesmen as opposed to engineers, managers as opposed to players, etc.

    "by leaps and bounds" means very quickly or in big steps. Both leap and bound mean a jump.