in mass [en masse]

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Would the following usage be correct when talking about the isntructions on how to use a software?
"You can change the defined properties in mass" meaning "you can change all of them as a group instead of marking each one of them one by one".
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    Hello, schimdi. I think using "in mass" in that sentence would be confusing. Another phrase you used is much better: "you can change all of them as a group...".


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    I don't think I have seen in mass before. Do you mean en masse?
    en masse /ɑ̃ːŋˈmæs/
    /French: ɑ̃ mas /adverb
    • in a group, body, or mass; as a whole; all together
    Etymology: 19th Century: from French
    I think using en masse here works for me.
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