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salut tout le monde, je voulais savoir s'il y avait une expression en francais qui correspond a 'in my book', c'est a dire 'in my opinion'?

I know you trained a lot for this race, so even if you don't win, you're a hero in my book.

Je sais que tu t’es beacoup entraîné, alors meme si tu ne gagnes pas, tu es un héros "-----"

Mercii beacoup!!!
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    'dans mon livre a moi' me semble juste, mais je ne sais pas si ca se dit en francais francais?? lol
    Bah, en fait, je dirais que "in my book" veut dire plutôt "selon moi" ou "pour moi", tandis que "in my opinion" se traduit par "à mon avis". C'est vrai que "in my book" serait plus familier. On entend souvent "You're okay in my book", voire "Moi je dis que t'es un mec bien". Il faut se méfier quant aux traduction simples ... ça dépend vraiment de la situation.
    Thank you for the interesting details and the context, I appreciate !! Is it possible to use the expression with other people. E.g. : "in your / her / his book" ?
    While you might technically be able to do this and in certain situations it could work, I would say that in general you should avoid using it outside of the first person. It sounds sort of unnatural to my ear.


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    Agreed. This expression is really only used in the first person. I also live in Maryland, but I don't agree with Tazzler that the two expressions "In my book" and "In my opinion" always mean the same thing. At least they are not always interchangeable. I might say, "In my opinion, the two expressions have different meanings," but I wouldn't say, "In my book, these two expressions have different meanings." Similarly, I might say, "It's never too late in my book" meaning in my situation or in my circumstance which is a little different from "It's never too late in my opinion" which is a perfectly valid sentence.
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