in my gears


Daniel Wilson, Robopocalypse.

"Emotions are just cobwebs in my gears. Under my skin, I have become a war machine. My flesh may be weak, but my mind is sharp and hard and clear as ice."

I am not sure about it. Does it refer to something like this? Or in my gears has a different meaning. I clarify that he is human.
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    He may be human, but he is likening himself to a machine, so gears would have its normal meaning, as in your link.


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    Yes, I think he is referring metaphorically to gears, the things that keep machines moving.

    He is likening himself to a machine, and saying that emotions don't effect him much, just as cobwebs may appear in gears over time, but don't affect their working.

    At least, that is how I see it.

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