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    Hey all,

    I've been try to learn the case system of MSA, but I think I'm having a hard time seeing how to utilize with a word that ends in a hamza plus a possessive ending.

    Here is my thinking so far:

    1) In the sky: "في السماءِ" that is, with a kasrah

    2) My sky: "سمائي" -- that is, hamza on the line -> hamza on a yaa' + yaa'

    3) In my sky "في سمائي" -- it's the same?

    So I guess this is really two questions now that I look at it:

    #1: What is the proper way to write 1) / 2)? Does the hamza change positions? Or perhaps another possessive construct is used?
    #2: How do you differentiate between genitive (kasrah) + "my" (yaa') and just plain "my" (yaa')?
  2. dkarjala Senior Member

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    You wrote them correctly. The 1st person singular possessive suffix doesn't admit any short vowels before it, so it never shows what case its in, in and of itself. For example, كتابي 'my book' is the same in all three cases. So the answer to your second question is you never differentiate it in any case.
  3. suma Senior Member

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    Exactly as dkarjala said, because of the peculiar naturre of the possessive ي the word must always end iyy, so the case ending is implied but never heard.

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