In my view, in my opinion, in my point of view


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Hello everyone, so today I want to ask all of you about these 3 phrases" In my view" , "in my opinoin" , "in my point of view".

So as far as I know, these 3 sentences are for expressing our idea, but what is the difference between them ? It sounds the same for me, but I think it have reasons for people to use them in different situtations.
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    ^: I think it seems normal to me. I have seen this many times :), but I can't grasp the difference between them :).


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    The first two are identical although I would say "in my opinion" is more common. I have NEVER heard anyone say "in my point of view". You can say "FROM my point of view" but that means something slightly different from IMV <in my view> or IMO <in my opinion>.

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