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I am confronted with this problem:
How to say?

diminish in or diminish of?
increase/decrease in or of?

For instance,
The correlation between these two spin-orbital scattering leads to diminishing in/of magnetic behaviour of the substance.
The increase in/of the pressure in this pump can be followed by immediate burst.
I think in first one we have "in" and in the second "of"
what do you think? How could you explain it? when of and when in? in which cases?
(sorry for technical mistakes in examples: i've made it up just now)
  • Alacer

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    Russia, Russian
    Dimcl, thank you a lot!
    But can you explain why should I put "the" before "diminish" and "magnetic behaviour"?
    When you use in and when of?


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    Canadian English
    I put "the" in those locations for the same reason that you put "the pressure in/of this pump" and that I put "an" before "immediate burst". Except for "diminishing", these are all nouns and I would always use "the"/"a"/"an" in front of a noun. As for using "the" in front of "diminishing", it's the same as using "the lessening of magnetic behaviour" or "the reducing of magnetic behaviour". Because you're using the word "of", you need "the" ie:

    "Pollution is leading to the diminishing of fish in the sea"
    "Pollution is leading to diminishing fish in the sea"

    By the way, I really don't like the use of "diminishing" in your sentence. I'm not familiar with the subject but "diminishing" just doesn't work for me.
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