In, on or at. Where to use them and how.

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I have this difficult with using 'on', 'in' and 'at'. I know which one of them to
employ in each case most of the times, but not always. There are case where I've heard or read two of them used in the same kind of phrase. Is there an advice you could give me as how to find out where to use each one of them and where not to use this and use that one instead?
For instance, 'in' the truck or 'on' the truck?
He studies at Abraham Lincoln High?
He's in the school?
The shootout happened in [or at, or on] our school?

I'd like to find a set of rules or a book or website that clarified my doubts and gave me a tool to help me learn how to use these words.
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    I'm afraid this question is too broad to be covered in one thread. Please see my comments on this thread from earlier today. There are dozens of existing threads covering the use of these prepositions individually.

    For example, see the threads linked at the bottom of this search:
    in on bus
    in at school

    You can make your own searches using this pattern using the dictionary search box at the top of this page.
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