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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Chazz, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Chazz Senior Member


    Do you say:

    How did you list me on / in your phone?

  2. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    "in your phone" suggests that an object is physically inside it.

    I would say 'on'.
  3. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
    English - US
    Hm. I have to disagree with Biffo.

    I speak of having a contact list in my cell phone. I also have an address list in my e-mail program.

    I don't think it's necessary for something "in" something else to be a physical object.
  4. Sparky Malarky

    Sparky Malarky Moderator

    English - US
    On the other hand, "I have him on my phone" means "I have called him, and I have a phone connection with him now." "I have him in my phone" means "I have his information stored in my phone on my list of contacts."
  5. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    I wonder if other Brits agree with me about "on"?

    Maybe it's just me!
  6. Hau Ruck

    Hau Ruck Senior Member

    United States - Midwest
    English - U.S.

    But AmE and BrE vary greatly when it comes to in/on. We've seen this quite a few times in/on these forums. ;)
  7. George French Senior Member

    English - UK
    Or me using in... The info is in(side) the 'phone, not on the surface of it...


    Now don't start any discussion about the physics of how things actually work in a 'phone at the component level....
  8. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    Looking back at the original question I believe it was the fact that the word 'list' was mentioned that made me want to use "on". For me items are usually placed 'on' a list.

    However I now realise that the sentence "How did you list me ... your phone?" is rather odd anyway. I don't really know what it means.

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