in or at

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INDIA,hindi n english
I really get confused when to use "in" and "at"
for example: I am at my office
I am in my office

Can anyone one explain me,with other examples also if possible

  • This really depends where the person is who you are speaking to. If a member of your family rang you from your home and asked where you were, you would say, "I'm at my office".

    But if someone rang you from another room in your office building, you would say, "I'm in my office".
    Try thinking of at as a distant or general location and in as a close or specific location.

    I'm at the store. -- I could be inside the store, in the parking lot, etc.
    I'm in the store. -- I'm emphasizing that I am inside the store right now.

    This is the same for on, under, and other 'specific' locations.

    I'm at the beach. -- I'm somewhere in the general area around the beach.
    I'm on the beach. -- I'm literally standing on the sand of the beach.

    I'm standing at the signpost. -- I'm somewhere near the signpost.
    I'm standing under the signpost. -- I'm directly underneath the signpost.