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Hi everybody,

Any ideas how to say this in Italian? I'm referring to the transition phrase that is commonly used in personal correspondence.

For example, if I had been describing my kitchen remodel, and now I want to change topics entirely and mention that my best friend is pregnant. I might begin the new paragraph with the phrase, "In other news..." Can I use a literal translation here? In altre notizie? Novita'?

Thanks for your help!

~ Shannon
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    Hi! I think "Tra l'altro..." could work, as well as "Cambiando argomento", "Passando ad altro", "Tra le altre cose" etc. Funnily enough, we often say "A proposito..." too (anche se lo usiamo piuttosto a sproposito ;)).


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    Just a try: "cambiando (totalmente) argomento" and then whatever you want to say.
    Or, in a new paragraph, something like: "Sai la novità?/Ci sono grandi novità/Non ti ho ancora dato la grande notizia".
    Hope that helps. And I hope other natives come up with something else :)
    By the way, Congratulations to your best friend :D


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    Hi Shannon,

    In this particular case I think we would say/write something like: Piuttosto. Sai che Tizia è incinta?
    But I'm sure there are other expressions that I can't recall.

    Edit: scusate arthurlee e FrikiChino, non mi ero resa conto delle vostre risposte.
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