in particular <attachment,> chattel mortgage or relinquishment by way of exchange

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The Purchaser shall be irrevocably entitled to sell the delivered goods in the normal course of business. No other disposal, in particular attachment, chattel mortgage or relinquishment by way of exchange is permitted. The Seller shall be notified without delay of attachments undertaken by third parties – also after mixture or processing – as well any other impairment to the Seller's rights of title to the consignment. The Purchaser already now assigns to the Seller who accepts the same all accounts receivable and ancillary rights accruing to the Purchaser out of the resale of the delivered goods and out of the business relations with his customers resulting from the resale, regardless of any processing. <-----Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->

What does attachment mean in this sentence, thank you
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    It means property in exchange. In other words, the Purchaser must resell the goods for money, and not in return for something else.
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