in person/ personally= face to face?

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  1. zelan Senior Member

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    Hi again, I want to know what I should use in this case. The idea is that I want to talk face to face and not on the phone( specifically) .I could write "I will talk to her personally", or "in person", but I think that "to talk personally/in person" includes a phone conversation and in this case I want someone to travel so we can talk face to face. What should I say then?
    I'm avoiding saying face to face because it's a formal letter.
    Thank you:)
  2. blinkgirl Senior Member

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    Spanish - Argentina
    I´ve found this in the WR dictionary: Personally (or in person) = in the flesh; without involving anyone else; "I went there personally"; "he appeared in person".
    I don´t think that "personally" includes a phone conversation in this case. Anyway, let´s wait for an English speaker to make things clear.
    Hope it helps!
  3. Dego New Member

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    Yes, "I will talk to her in person" does not include a phone conversation. However, "I will talk to her personally" sounds kind of weird, that's just my personal opinion, nobody really uses personally like that. Hope that helps
  4. zelan Senior Member

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    I just found this here before asking my question,( from another thread) that's why I'm doubting.
  5. gengo

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    Personally does include a phone conversation, because it means "I will do it myself (and nobody else in my stead)," but to me, "in person" is the same as "face to face." I see nothing wrong with using "face to face" in a formal business letter. It is perfectly acceptable, and very clear. "In person" would also be fine.
  6. Alisterio

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    "I will talk to her personally" implies that you will talk to her, rather than having a representative, like your assistant, talk to her. It does not specify how you will talk to her: it could be face to face or over the phone.

    "I will talk to her in person" is the expression that you need in this context. It means that you will physically meet with the person to talk to her.
  7. zelan Senior Member

    Valencia/ Spain
    Thank you very much, Alisterio! That was great help!
    In Spanish saying cara a cara ( face to face) could be a bit rude. Thank you gengo, in Spanish is not the same "personally" as "in person" , though "en persona" means "face to face" and "personalmente" doesn't mean the same, so that was my main doubt.
    Dego here in wordreference they say so, but thanks God we have a good forum!:

    Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe:personally ['pɜ:sənəlɪ] adverbio
    1 personalmente
    2 en persona: you need to hand it over personally, tiene que entregarlo personalmente
    LOC: to take sthg personally, darse por aludido,-a: don't take it personally, no te lo tomes como algo personal
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  8. hada azul New Member

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    Hola Zelan,
    Porque se dice "no te lo tomes como algo personal" en vez de "no lo tomes como algo personal"?
  9. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    Tomarse, not tomar, is used in this meaning of reaccionar or interpretar.

    From the dictionary:
    se lo tomó a mal = he took it the wrong way
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  10. hada azul New Member

    Decatur, GA USA
    English/Mexican Spanish
    Claro.....Que lo tomaré a mal :)

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