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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by marinella, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. marinella Senior Member

    Buongiorno a tutti
    Devo tradurre la frase "Il bambino sembra in posizione pronto per dormire" Ho tradotto con "The child seems in position ready to sleep " ma suona veramente molto italiano. Qualcuno mi può suggerire una traduzione migliore?
    Grazie !!!
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    Hi marinella - We need some context to understand what "posizione" this baby is in - and you're right, your English sentence doesn't make sense. :)
  3. marinella Senior Member

    Hi Joanvillafane
    thank you . I don't really have a context. They are talking about a child laying down on a mat, face down, using the blanket a pillow and who "seems in position ready to sleep"
    Can you help?
    thanks - Marinella
  4. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    OK, that's clear. We sometimes talk about "sleeping position" - the baby is in a sleeping position, but then you would have to repeat the word "sleep" unless you eliminate the last phrase (pronto per dormire). Actually, I think the problem is with "ready." Let's see.......
    The baby seems to be in a sleeping position.
    The baby seems to be positioned ready for sleep. (I don't like this one very much)
    The baby seems to be in the right position, about to fall asleep. (This is the most natural, to me, but not a very literal translation.)
  5. marinella Senior Member

    Great ! Thank you very much for help. I also like the last one.

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