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cette expression renvoie-t-elle au lieu ("à l'accueil" de l'entreprise), ou au moment (lors de l'accueil d'une personne importante) ? Le contexte : la description stéréotypée, par un journaliste, des coutumes dans une grande entreprise japonaise :

… the line-up of bowing executives in reception; etc.

On n'est pas censé plutôt utiliser "at reception" ?

Merci !
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    Parigigi, a little more context would help.
    trying to put your line in perspective, I offer this:
    (provided there's no typo, like wildan said)

    reception, among other things is the act of welcoming someone or something.

    to bow is to bend your head or body forward, especially as a way of showing someone respect or expressing thanks to people who have watched you perform.
    This image pops inevitably into my mind. It might be wrong, though.
    'la ligne de cadres qui donnent l'accueil en s'inclinant.....'
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    In BE, the term "in reception" is very common. "Let's meet in reception", "I've asked them to wait in reception" etc. "Reception" in that sense is the place. In the context of Japanese companies, I don't find anything strange about the idea of seeing a line-up of bowing executives (i.e. executives who are bowing to someone) in reception (i.e. the reception area of the building) ...


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    D'accord avec AnnieF. Les cadres sont alignés dans le hall (comme tu l'as suggéré au #1, parigigi, à l'accueil = in reception) et font une révérence.


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    In BE, the term "in reception" is very common
    That's why I couldn't make any sense of this--it is not common at all in AE. Somehow I thought it was an alternative to in receipt. Now it makes sense.

    In the reception area
    or in the waiting room is how we say that over here for an office suite. For a hotel, we would say in the lobby, at the front desk.
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