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I found this tweet on an unknown person's Twitter timeline:
"You have excellent taste in regards to who you follow on twitter."
What is the meaning of "in regards too"?
I guess it should be "regard" rather than "regards".
And I also heard that "in regard to" is incorrect.
Please comment.
  • kuleshov

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    I have watched a film called The House of the Devil, where the main character uses the expression "in regards to". Someone is looking for a babysitter and the main character, Samantha, sees the ad and decides to phone. On the phone she says,"Hi, this is Samantha Hugues, I'm calling in regards to the babysitter flyer posted outside my dorm." The film is set in the US in the 80s, although it was shot in 2009 by Ti West.

    I was surprised to hear the -s at the end of regards in the film, because I've heard this final -s used a lot in spoken colloquial English, but never written or in a film.

    So, my question: can we consider "in regards to" a colloquial way of the standard form "with/in regard to"?



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    Yes, I know, but they actually say in regards to in the film, and I've heard it a few times.
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