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Hello everyone !

Could any of you refresh my memory please ? Is it better to say "in relation to" or "in relation with" ??? The sentence I'm working on is "the preservation of wetland areas in relation to sea-linked activities".

Thanks in advance !
  • how would you say "in relation to" in french? I can't seem to find a forum for it...

    I want to say "but also why they are important in relation to the "Jewish Question"

    would it be "mais aussi pourquoi ils sont important en relation de la "Question juive"?
    "In relation to" can take many forms in French, depending on the context !

    In your case, I would say :
    "mais aussi pourquoi ils sont importants dans le cadre de la "Question juive"
    "mais aussi pourquoi ils sont importants en regard de la "Question juive"

    Hope it helps !
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    Effectivement, Interlang a raison, il faut utiliser les expressions "au regard de" ou "eu égard à" (Cf. En regard de au sens d’Au regard de | Académie française).
    La phrase de UniStudent pourrait également être traduite par "[...] ils sont importants vis-à-vis de la question juive" ou plus trivialement "[...] ils sont importants par rapport à la question juive".
    More common, yet, would be "regarding" or "relating to." My strong preferences are towards, "regarding" or "with respect to."

    You could place "with" in front, although the most common usage would be "with respect to" rather than "with relation to."