in respect of an enquiry

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I would like to know if this is grammatically correct:

I am writing this mail in respect of an enquiry concerning the...

This should be in a formal context.
Please tell me if you see any problem with this sentence,

Thanks in advance.
  • dobes

    Senior Member
    US English(Boston/NY)
    I'd say "in respect to" ... Or, actually, in response to.

    And, in response to panj's idea, I'll suggest: This mail is in response to your enquiry concerning...


    Senior Member
    U.K. English
    with respect to/in reference to/regarding/concerning are all commonly used in letters and emails.
    I agree that "in response to" is also appropriate, especially when you're dealing with an enquiry.
    "this mail" is superfluous. I would probably write;
    "I am writing in reference to your enquiry concerning..."


    UK, English
    I'm a civil servant. At work, in a formal letter or email, I would write "Thank you for your enquiry about ..." The informal version, which I'd only use in an email, would be "Thanks for your enquiry about".

    Formal English does not have to be fancy.
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