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How should I explain the difference between 'in school' and 'at school'? For example, should I say 'I wish I was back in school' or 'I wish I was back at shcool'? Thanks.
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    Hello, hushhush77. This older thread on the topic should answer any questions you have: preposition -at, in -the school.

    One of our senior members recommended the thread. I think it covers the topic as well if not better than many of the other threads we have on this topic.

    If you want to see more threads on the topic, type in at school into the search window. You'll find plenty of other threads at the bottom of the page.


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    Hello, hushush77. :)

    Please see the thread Owlman has linked to. It is a very thorough discussion and includes interesting comments on differences British English and American English. You are welcome to add questions and comments to that thread, or to any existing thread you find by searching.

    This thread is closed, to avoid adding to the number of threads on this topic.

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