In-services training Vs On the job training


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Hi, me again!

Tell me, is "in-services training" the same as "on the job training" does anyone know?

The sentence:
Factors affecting a child’s participation in school:
"Ongoing professional development for the teacher, including in-services training
and in-school support."

  • maxiogee

    It would be similar.

    In-Service would tend to be used when outside trainers come to your workplace, or you go to a centralised location (on company time, and being paid for it) to get trained. (In this case the teacher would most likely be away from their classroom.)

    On-the-Job would tend to be used when you will be trained by your superiors and/or equals. (in the course of your working day. In this case, the teacher would be trained in the classroom of the children they qare teaching.)

    Chaska Ñawi

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    In Canada we say "inservice" to refer to any training that teachers receive after they have qualified, whether it's inside or outside the classroom.

    This is to distinguish it from "preservice" training, which you receive while still an education student.