in the 20s of January

rusita preciosa

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I wrote this in an email and then decided to check with you, dear foreros.

...I don't think traveling on Feb-16 will be a problem as the meeting NN will take place in the 20s of January.

What I meant is that the meeting NN (that can interfere travel plans) will happen sometime between Jan-20 and Jan-29, but I'm not sure when exactly.

Is what I wrote easily understood? Is it awkwardly worded?
  • ewie

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    It's fairly easily understood, Rusita, but ... well, I just can't imagine anyone actually writing or saying it, despite its being rather a nice shorthand for between 21st and 29th January or in the last 10 days or so of January.

    (English doesn't always make perfect sense:D)
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