in the correct peak swell season

brown poodle

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In the following sentence, what does in the correct peak swell season mean?

The era saw the emerging dominance of reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly
Slater, while Layne Beachley pushed women’s surfing to new heights. In a further
development, surfing events were shifted in the schedule to be held in the correct
peak swell season
. (source is unknown)
  • Uncle Jack

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    Presumably events had been scheduled inappropriately, so they did not coincide with the peak swell season in a particular location. "Correct" probably means something like appropriate for the location.


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    A "swell" is an ocean wave, and "peak swells" are the tallest waves. If one particular beach or area has a "peak swell season", that is the time each year when the waves are biggest.

    It makes sense that this is important, for a surfing competition.

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