in the dying seconds of the game

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  1. diving6 New Member

    I know that "in the dying seconds of the game" translates to "dans les dernières secondes du jeu", but is there an equivalent that comes closer, reflecting its (semi-)poetic intent as well?
  2. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    les ultimes secondes
  3. diving6 New Member

    Thank you.
  4. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    aussi: (un but marqué) in extremis
  5. WME Senior Member

    If you're talking about a French rugby union pro championship game you can say à la sirène because they blow a horn to indicate the start of the last play of the game.
  6. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    But the "game" doesn't necessarily refer to sport. When I read the post, I first thought of a game like a video game.
  7. diving6 New Member

    No, it wasn't a video game I had in mind, but a football match. "Les ultimes secondes du match" or " les ultimes secondes de la course" (running, cycling) sound good to me.
  8. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    It sounds fine for me, too.

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