In the face of age.

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I am translating into Italian the following sentence of a dispatch writtend by Margaret Fuller in January 1849. I wonder if the sentence "in the face of age" refers to the age of the "corageous youth" or to the "century". Therefore, in the first case: " a measure that corageous youths have carried in spite of their age..."; in the second case: "a measure that corageous youths have carried in spite of our time".

Here is the full sentence of Fuller: "I was thinking of the proclamation of the Constitutional Assembly here, a measure carried by courageous youth in the face of age, sustained by the prejudices of many years, the ignorance of the people, and all the wealth of the country; yet courageous youth faces not only these, but the most threatening aspect of foreign powers, and dares a future of blood and exile to achieve privileges which are our American common birthright."
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    I think it is contrasting the young people who championed the proclamation with the establishment: older people sustained by prejudice, the people's ignorance and the country's wealth.

    youth = young people
    age = old people
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