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    In the following sentence, which one is correct later part or latter part?

    In the beginning part , the author discusees.... and in the later( or latter?) part of this article , he discuess....
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    Latter is the word you want.
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    'Later' is a more general term: it can mean anywhere towards the end. 'Latter' is more specific about how the thing is divided. For some people, 'latter' is the second of two things. There's the former, and the latter. Many people allow 'latter' with more than two things: there's X, Y, and Z, and Z is the latter. So the latter part is the second of two parts, or the third of three parts, or in general the last part of something considered as divided into parts.

    In an article, the beginning might talk about X, then later on the author might talk about Y, then after that Z is the topic. 'Later' means "after, following, further on". But the latter part of the article is the end part, or the second half, or some more definite 'part' like that.
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    Thanks for your explanation. One more question about preoposition. Which one is right?

    At the beginning of the text, the writer talks.. or
    In the beginning of the text, the writer talks..
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    This is a second question and should be in a different thread. Do a search for at in beginning. You will find several threads on this. If you still have a question after you have read them, add it to the end of one of those existing threads, please.

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