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Hi, I'd like to know the correct meaning of "in the latest spin"

I have a text that talks about the next megabubble, refering to the business cycle and the bubble cycle.

In one paragraph it says: "(...)It rejects contrary evidence, is blind to alternatives. Recessions are bad. In this latest spin, we're asked to believe that the economy will only survive if it endures bubble after bubble after bubble (...)".

I think that it refers to the last turn that the economic world is giving in the U.S. and whit "the last turn" I want to say that people have been talking about economics and how to solve the problem in that country but they can't reach a solution and that's why they're spinning.

Ok... If you've been able to read all these, thaks!!!! and I hope you can find a better answer, because I don't really like mine...

(please, correct any mistake you find!)
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    "Spin" here mean, basically "idea" or "message." Think of it as "way of looking at things." It can also refer to "propaganda."

    On the other hand, it could mean "slant" or "twist," meaning that it is a variation of a previous idea or message.

    Actually, the WR of spin is quite good:

    a distinctive interpretation (especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion); "the campaign put a favorable spin on the story"

    These are some threads on the word; there are other.
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    Galician & Spanish - Spain
    ok, thanks!, I was looking at it from a spanish point of view. but now I understand the meaning in the whole text.