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  1. shuiyue Senior Member

    Hi everyone, which of the following sentences is correct:

    1. I'm standing in the middle of the bridge.

    2. I'm standing on the middle of the bridge.

    On one hand, one usually uses the preposition "in" in conjunction with "middle", but on the other hand, one usually stands "on" a bridge. So the question is, which of the two grammatical contexts should one use to determine the correct preposition for the message I'm trying to convey above.
  2. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

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    I always stand in the middle, and I never jump.
  3. shuiyue Senior Member

    Thanks. So sentence 1 is the correct one, despite the fact that one would usually say, "I'm standing on the bridge"?

    Here's a related question. Which of these two sentences is correct:

    3. The kids are playing in the street.

    4. The kids are playing on the street.

    I'm never quite sure whether to use "in" or "on" in reference to "street" because I often see both prepositions used in this situation.
  4. Glenfarclas Senior Member

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    I would say "in the middle" or "at the middle," but not "on the middle."
  5. se16teddy

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    I suspect that if I were writing carefully I would avoid both on the middle of the bridge and in the middle of the bridge, for the reasons discussed. How can you be on the middle? How can you be in a bridge? However, Google reveals that both have been used.

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