'in the mild' to moderate Special Day Class ....

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  1. Persis Senior Member

    Hi friends,

    Could you tell me what "in the mild" means in the following?

    She was eventually placed at Brookvale Elementary in the mild to moderate Special Day Class program.

    Reference: The sentence is a part of a confidential psychological report.

  2. sandpiperlily

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    It doesn't mean anything by itself.

    It's part of the phrase "in the mild to moderate Special Day Class program."

    The Special Day Class program is being described as "mild to moderate." Without knowing what this is referring to, it's hard to explain. Perhaps, if it's part of a psychological report, the class is for people with mild to moderate psychological problems. There might be another class for people whose problems are more severe.
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    My impression is the same as Sandpiper's.

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