in the nature?

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Bulgaria, Bulgarian
Are both in use, or is either of them incorrect?

1.I like to take a walk in the country.
2. I like to take a walk in the nature.

What do you, native speakers, say if spending time in the open is something you like doing?
Thank you
  • Orange Blossom

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    U.S.A. English
    You could also say:

    I enjoy a nature walk. <-- A walk conducted in the forest, meadow, etc. as opposed to a gym, city street etc.

    We would not say "a walk in the nature".

    Orange Blossom


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    I know we don't say "the nature", but what if I put an adjective before "nature"? For example:

    I like the people in New Zealand and the beautiful nature.

    Is it correct then?
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