in the noonday sun will speak

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    It's the movie "The adventures of Tintin".
    Tintin finds in a ship model a letter which contain a poem,
    The poem is this,

    "Three Brothers joined.
    "Three Unicorns in company sailing in the noonday sun will speak."

    As it is said in the film, it is written in old English.
    The part that seems weird to me is "noonday sun will speak".
    Is it simply "in the noonday about which the sun will speak"?

    Or maybe something else?

    Thank you
  2. Copyright

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    American English
    They are sailing "in the noonday sun" -- it's the time of day in which they're sailing.

    I read it this way: "Three Unicorns in company [sailing in the noonday sun] will speak."
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    I do not think you can analyze poetry from the purely linguistic point of view. Poetry may engage many other poetic devices which may not, otherwise, be found in ordinary speech.
  4. chopin7 Senior Member

    Thank you, Copyright.
    So easy.
    Yes, LIliana, I agree.

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