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Wondering if there's a good Latin word or phrase that equates to the English term alfresco, as in having a meal outdoors like a picnic, or conversing with someone outside in the fresh air. (I know that Italian speakers use the term "al fresco" to mean "in jail", but that's not what I'm after here).
My intended usage would be something along the lines of "the class put down their books and went outside, and the subject became the garden, taught [alfresco]". The rest of the sentence will remain English, but I'd like the [alfresco] to be in Latin if it will work. Another similar term might be the French en plein air, although that usually refers to outdoor painting.

Thanks as always.
  • Thank you all for the different answers. Nice to have a choice. Sub divo looks like the easiest one for a non-Latin reader to suss out for themselves, sub meaning under, and divo (at least by appearance if not literal meaning in this phrase) being something divine, up in the sky or heaven. The idea of "under Phoebus" (the sun god) is just right for my intent.

    And extra thanks to bearded for the tip about the Italian usage. I don't want to keep my eggs in jail. 😅