In the past, people had to walk more than they do now

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    I'm really having a problem with this, I've been sitting here for a long while now trying to translate this, "In the past, people had to walk more than they do now". I can get no further than, "En el pasado, la gente..." And I even doubt that the "la gente" part is right. Please, if someone can help me translate this, that would be awesome.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Agró

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    En el pasado/Antiguamente, la gente tenía que caminar/andar más que ahora.
  3. micafe

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    "En el pasado la gente tenía que caminar más de lo que lo hace ahora"
    "En el pasado las personas tenían que caminar más que ahora.

    You can interchange "gente" and "personas", using the right conjugation, of course, and also "de lo que lo hace(n) ahora" and "más que ahora"


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