"...in the spring of twenty-two" from Great Gatsby


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(This is when Nick Carraway decides to go East and learn the bond business)

"Father agreed to finance me for a year, and after various delays I came East, permanently, I thought, in the spring of twenty-two."

Can anyone help me with understanding this sentence? So Nick's father agrees to support him for a year, and after that, what is he talking about?

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    1) Nick's father agreed to support him for one year.
    2) There were some delays before Nick could go East.
    3) When he did go East, he thought it would be a permanent move.
    4) He moved East in the spring of 1922.


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    "The spring of twenty-two" refers to the spring (March 22 through June 21) of the year 1922. That is when Carraway came East, to the New York City area. (New York City is on the east, or Atlantic, coast of the U.S.)

    The sentence doesn't say what will happen after that year, when Carraway's father is no longer willing to support him. However, as we learn later in the book, he finds a job in New York and is able to support himself.


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    My first day to be here, and I'm astonished and amazed by all these supportive replies. Thank you all, my questions have been cleared! I could have never imagined that "permanently, I thought" could have meant that 'Nick thought it might be a permanent move.'
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