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    How do you say, for example:

    Stop getting in my way!

    When someone is obstructing you, or hindering you from doing something.
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    To get in someone's way - לעמוד בדרכו (של מישהו), להפריע.

    I can't find exactly how to translate your example, but here is a similar one: אתה מוכן לא לעמוד לי בדרך?
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    Thanks, your example fits perfectly. In these types of phrase it's not necessary to translate literally but according to the force of the meaning.

    Does לעמוד בדרכו also have a positive meaning? I might have heard it in religious contexts, or maybe I'm confusing it with ללכת בדרכו.
    'בדרכך הלכתי/בדרכך עמדתי ה
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    Not that I know of. Please note that עמד ב- in general has several meanings: 1. to withstand, overcome. 2. to persist. and more depending on the next word (עמד בהבטחתו - keep one's promise). These do have a positive meaning.
  5. It's not very common to hear the correct usage (move from my way! – "!זוז מדרכי"), but "!זוז מהדרך" (Move from the way!) or "!זוז מהדרך שלי" (move from my way!) or "!זוז/עוף/תתחפף מפה/מכאן" (move/"fly"/go away from here!) or "!תזדיין מפה" (Fuck off!). By the way, in everyday Hebrew it's common to shorten some imperative, like "זדיין" and "תחפף", and the word "שלי" (and other declensions) might pronounced "shli" and not "sheli" when you speak fast.
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