In these days of


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"Thank goodness in these days of music assembled by computer like a spreadsheet, Stolen samples cut and pasted then talked over like a out of tune radio, that there are still young, talented and intelligent musicians."

Is this sentence written by a native? It's a comment on Youtube so I don't know.
Is "in these days of" correct here? <-----Out-of-scope request removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->

Thank you a lot
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    Example sentences made by myself:
    1. In these days of being in isolation, I find it hard to be joyful.
    2. In these days of people being always on their phones, I'm happy some people like Jack hasn't slipped into this bad habit.
    Are they correct?

    Thank you

    I wrote it already, it was a Youtube comment.
    (SORRY forgot to write a new message)
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