1. chaperonina New Member

    Spain, spanish
    Hi everybody!
    I found this sentence in a book I'm reading: 'I was wondering what the protocol was when the guy whose bed you'd recently shared made the effort to track you down with his grilfriend in tow'. Could it be tranlsated to spanish as 'a la zaga'? Thank you!
  2. Franzi Senior Member

    Astoria, NY
    (San Francisco) English
    It means he brought his girlfriend with him. She might have been willing or unwilling to come, but he's the one who's actually doing the action in an active way. She's just accompanying him passively.
  3. crissanta

    crissanta Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    Mexican spanish
    Opino que 'a rastras' podría funcionar.
  4. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    But wouldn't that mean "dragging his girlfriend along"? That's not what "in tow" means.

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